Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t the town keep this lot as open space?
Right now, the property is zoned for a mix of commercial and residential use. The property is privately owned. There is a — temporarily suspended — lawsuit pending against the Township filed by Stop & Shop that could be reinstated if this development is blocked.
How much additional traffic will the development put on our already overburdened Deal Road and Route 35?
We live in Ocean Township and travel through the Deal Road/Route 35 intersection all the time. As it stands today, this is a failed intersection. Our goal is to improve traffic flow and make it safer. We will have more details in the future as we work with our traffic engineers and the State Department of Transportation. We believe the added lanes on Deal Road and the dedicated quarter-mile right turn lane will make the intersection better than it is today.
Who are the proposed commercial tenants of the development?
We are working with Chick-fil-A, Wawa, Turning Point, and Marriott.
Why did you pick a Wawa/Chick fil A/Marriott? Can you change the stores if the community wants something else?
Each company is known for being a good corporate citizen and has a proven track record of giving back to the neighborhoods where they operate. We’re certainly open to suggestions, but these tenants seem to be a great fit for the community and the most likely to succeed.
What will the environmental impact be on the surrounding area—wetlands, Poplar Brook, water table, etc.?
That’s important to us too. We will follow all laws and regulations to make sure the development does not endanger the environment. We will continue to work closely with our environmental consultants, Township officials and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.
How much of a buffer are you leaving between the townhomes and library?
We plan to leave as much of the wooded property intact as possible and our engineers continue to work on fine tuning our plan.
What is our alternative if the Planning Board does not approve the zoning change? Can you still build on the property?
We’re committed to this property. If the governing boards decide not to change the zoning, we’ll be stuck with the plan from 2006 and may be forced to build “as of right” or the way it’s currently zoned, which would allow for approximately 200,000 square feet of retail and 100 residential units.
What is your connection to Ocean Township?
We were raised here. As teenagers, we played Ocean Township Little League baseball here. We have life-long friends here. We are raising our own children because we love this town and this community. We shop here. Our families play in the parks and we go to movies and eat in the restaurants here. Ocean Township is our town and we intend this development to enhance it, certainly not harm it.
How will the development impact our schools? Will the schools need to add classrooms, teachers, other amenities? Will we need to build new schools?
We expect the residential units to attract mid-career professionals or empty nesters who want to stay in the township in a home without the maintenance. For those reasons, we see a minimal impact on school operations, classrooms or services.
How will the development impact municipal taxes? School taxes?
This project will add to the tax base but NOT add demand to township services.
What impact will this development have on property values in the surrounding area?
If anything, we believe the development is likely to have a positive impact on property values.
What market will these townhouses be targeted to? Seniors? Young families? First time homeowners?
We expect a mix of mid-career buyers and empty nesters at the price point of $500k and up.
What percentage of the townhouses will be affordable housing?
Our project does not include any affordable housing.
With so many convenience stores/gas stations in the area, why do we need a Wawa here?
Wawa is not the typical convenience store. It is a destination for residents in the communities in which it operates as well as for visitors and those passing through. It’s known for quality food and snacks at reasonable prices and low gas prices. But mostly, they generally get high marks as a good community neighbor.
Why do we need another hotel at this location?
Residence Inn by Marriott is a premier extended stay hotel. It attracts young professionals and businesspeople traveling through the area for work and recreation. It is also a great option for out of town families who wish to come visit their family or friends who live locally during the winter and summer months. Their visitors typically pump money into the local economy: the restaurants, shops and other businesses in Ocean Township. That’s not just our opinion. If Marriott didn’t think they would do well and enhance the community, they would not want to locate here.
Will the LA fitness be open 24 hours per day?
Recent revisions to this proposal remove the appx. 35,000 square foot big box LA Fitness Club from the conceptual site plan design. This space is replaced with two smaller side-by-side 13,000 square foot retail buildings for smaller square footage overall to accommodate small users and enhance the Town Center look and feel.
Will the development create light pollution for the surrounding neighborhoods?
Ocean Township has one of the most comprehensive and strict lighting ordinances in the State. We will be in strict compliance and seek no waivers.
Why develop this tract of land when other parts of Ocean Township can be redeveloped?
This highway site is a prime location for business to thrive.
What will you do to preserve the integrity of the trails, meadows and playgrounds at Palaia Park?
This development does not connect to Palaia Park. We plan to include a trail for residents to walk to the park and playground.
What does the current zoning for the property allow? How does your proposed zoning change differ from the current zoning?
As currently zoned, the property can be developed with both commercial and residential buildings. In fact, a project conforming to current zoning regulations could bring more housing units, more offices, and even more commercial development. Our intent is to work collaboratively with the Township to ensure the development is a net positive to the community. The proposed zoning change allows the Township to set the parameters of the development.
Wawa’s have become hang-outs for kids. How will you prevent this? Will we have to hire more police?
Wawa and all our potential tenants take security seriously and partner with local law enforcement to implement anti-crime and loitering measures. Good lighting and security cameras deter folks from hanging out and improve safety and security.
Will we have other opportunities to hear more and to share our opinions and ideas?
There will be multiple public meetings at which you can share your thoughts and opinions. In addition, we have created this website as a place for you to submit questions and receive project updates.